As a Biomedical Scientist specialising in Haematology my work includes performing analyses on blood samples taken from patients with a wide variety of ailments. These range from those with bleeding disorders - haemophiliacs for example to those who are prone to thrombosis - protein C deficiency, prothrombin gene mutation etc. etc. 

              It also includes diagnosis of anaemia, leukaemias and compatibility typing of blood and blood products prior to transfusion

We're often the forgotten "back-room" boys who provide the medical fraternity with the keys to diagnosis. Never in the media spotlight, we  nevertheless play a vital role in the running of the Health Service - without us there would be no specific diagnoses, no blood supplied for operations and no monitoring of essential drug therapy. 

There are various specialities within the field of Biomedical Sciences covering almost every aspect of medicine 

We work as a team, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our trainees take a BSc in Biomedical Science usually in the form of a co-terminus degree - they attend uni for their academic work with secondments to suitably accredited laboratories (usually within hospitals) for practical experience. From there they can apply for qualified BMS posts and continue their studies either by day release or distance learning to obtain MSc / Fellowship.  Further courses are then available for PhD and higher qualifications that can lead to Consultant status or Management positions.

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